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Why you might want to shop at home

When you’re trying to decide on the perfect floor covering for your home, driving around to various showrooms and specialty stores can be quite time consuming. That’s when it can really come in handy to just shop at home. It might seem like a novel idea, but many homeowners are turning to this option, both for the convenience, as well as the benefits it offers. Some shops even offer a mobile shopping service, complete with samples.DCO Flooring offers you the convenient opportunity to shop from home as well. You can find our products online, and our in-home estimates make the process much quicker than others might be. We serve the Leesburg and surrounding areas, with our showroom located right in Leesburg, FL. While you shop at home, keep in mind that you can feel free to call us with any questions that you might have about our floor coverings.

Shop at home advantages for you

The most important benefit of the shop at home experience is how much time and money you’ll save. Time, because you don’t have to drive near and far to find the product of your dreams, and money, because gas certainly isn’t cheap these days. These two things alone can cause a lot of people to just go with a product because they’re tired of looking around.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however, when you have the liberty of looking at products online, to get an idea of just what you might want. This helps both you and your flooring professional when you call to plan your free in-home estimate. You’ll know just what you’re looking for, and your professional will better know what to plan for, and bring samples of, for your approval.
Shop at home in Leesburg FL with DCO Flooring
Another reason the shop at home feature is becoming so popular, is being able to look at a product sample right from the comfort of your own home. It’s a fact that colors change under different lighting situations and this is certainly true with flooring colors. Under the commercial lighting in a showroom setting, you may think you’ve found the perfect color. However, when you actually get that product into your home, and set against your existing décor, the entire color palette can change, leaving you less than excited about the result.

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