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In-Home Measurement


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Free & accurate in-home measurement

One of the most important parts of remodeling is measuring the dimensions of your home. Ensure that your numbers are correct and avoid expensive mistakes. With DCO Flooring you can find local services at affordable rates. We make renovation easier for homeowners in Leesburg, The Villages, Fruitland Park, Tavares, Lady Lake, Wildwood, Clermont and all the surrounding nearby areas of Central Florida. Fast service and accurate numbers are just part of what makes us the best. You get convenience and customer service unlike any other every time you work with us. Best of all, you get quality results for less. Remodeling your home can be a simple process when you have the professionals from DCO Flooring on your side!

Why request in-home measurement?

If this is the first time you are renovating your home, you may not be sure what this service entails. Having professionals measure the dimensions of the space you are changing is always suggested. This is because it is easy for someone who is inexperienced to get skewed results. Estimates are made in place of the exact numbers. This might not seem serious until you are left with mistakes being made during the final stages of your renovation. Here are some of the reasons that you should consider in-home measurement:

  • Avoid spending extra. You can avoid extra fees with proper measurements. Buying too much or too little product can render a carefully planned budget useless when there are enough mistakes. Finding out that a product you love is actually the wrong size for the space you had isn’t any better. Avoid spending more money than you need to be making sure that you have the right measurements to make plans with.
  • Avoid longer installation waiting times. If you need additional or different products, delivery time will come into play more than once. You could spend weeks waiting for the materials you ordered to arrive. If you are already in the middle of the installation, this can be frustrating. It can also be expensive if you are paying hourly rates. Avoid the complication by making sure that you have what you need ahead of time.

  • Avoid permanent damage. Trying to fit a product into the wrong space can have catastrophic results. The fixtures you purchase could be damaged if they are installed improperly. Mistakes in the installation are more likely if the dimensions you measured are off. Once something is affixed permanently, it can be near impossible to remove it. Even if it is removed, damages can be left behind. Protect your home from this with accurate measurements!
In-home measurement in The Villages by DCO Flooring
Home renovation can be a difficult process without the right help. Let the experts from DCO Flooring provide your in-home measurement service. We make it easy to remodel your home. You can get accurate service at affordable rates.

Homeowners in the area of Leesburg, The Villages, Fruitland Park, Wildwood, Lady Lake, Clermont and all surrounding nearby areas can request service at any time. Flexible scheduling and online access makes this simple and fast! Even homeowners with busy lives can find the time for this service before renovations begin.

To get started, call (352) 765-0879 today and speak with one of our consultants. Get the best service for less with DCO Flooring!