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Do you own a restaurant (our specialty), an office building, mall, warehouse or small retail space? If you answered yes when was the last time you updated your flooring? If you can’t come up with an answer and just know it was a long time ago, then you need the assistance of the DCO Flooring team. We do commercial flooring installations in Leesburg, FL and the surrounding communities.

Our experienced team knows what it takes to get the job done right and make sure we are 100 percent satisfied with the outcome. We don’t do subpar work and you shouldn’t have to settle for it either. DCO Flooring specializes in installing flooring in restaurants but also focuses on schools, malls, office buildings, medical facilities, and churches.

Each commercial business has different flooring needs than residential customers. And each business also has certain specifications or preferred flooring. If you don’t know what would be a good fit for your company’s new floor, we can guide you in the right direction. As a general rule, commercial customers have to deal with greater floor traffic than residential customers, so it’s important that their flooring be more durable than their residential counterparts in Fruitland Park, Lady Lake, Sumterville and Leesburg, FL.
Commercial installation in Leesburg FL from DCO Flooring
Here, then, are some tips and tricks for commercial flooring!

  • Concrete: this is the most durable material, and is best to use in warehouses. Today’s concrete isn’t as dull and drab as the concrete of yesteryear, so you can feel free to experiment with colors, designs, and epoxies.

  • Stains: when staining your commercial floor, consider acid-based stains as opposed to their water-based counterparts – they last longer and, because they react quickly with the material, they create natural variations within the color palette, so no two stains are exactly alike. This is a great option for someone who wants a truly unique look!

  • Carpet: if you do decide to install carpet in your commercial space, it’s best to shy away from “shag”-type carpeting or expensive throw rugs (i.e., Persian, Oriental). Remember: function, not form, is key in commercial spaces, so it’s best to install a durable Berber-type rug (pick a darker color if it’s going to be in a high traffic area, as lighter colors show dirt, and wear-and-tear, quicker and easier).

  • Get creative: it’s your space – do what you want with it. Some other, non-traditional commercial flooring ideas include, but aren’t limited to turf, pebbles, lodestone, onyx, pavers, travertine (best for offices, not industrial sites, because this material is porous), mosaic, marble, quartz, and granite!

  • A final note: when installing commercial flooring, the key word to remember is durability. You want something that will last a long time – longer, in fact, than what will last in your house – so don’t get a material that easily stains or breaks. Also, don’t pick a style or pattern that is too “trendy” and thus will look dated in 5 years or less.

If it is time for your business to get a makeover, don’t hesitate to call. The team at DCO Flooring is ready to help you take the next step in your business venture. We can set up a consultation with you as well, and help you every step of the way. Business owners in Leesburg, Lady Lake, Sumterville and Fruitland Park, FL.