luxury vinyl flooring

What Could a Flooring Possibly Have in Common With This?

Florida?s Village community is one of the nation?s largest and fast-growing residences.?In fact, the publication, U.S. Metro, projected that there would be a 24 percent increase in population by year 2060.

has experienced similar rapid popularity, and that?s just one thing it has in common with The Villages. Square foot sales of this product increased by an estimated 16.5 percent to $4.3 billion just in 2016.??

Sales are going through the metaphorical roof, and at DCO Flooring, we?re hearing reasons that include both high quality aesthetics and function.

Let?s break it down:

?Style: With luxury vinyl flooring, you can get it cut into tile-sized pieces (LVT) that come in an assortment of patterns and colors, to give the ?Wow!? factor to The Villages homes.

The floor sets the style of the whole room, and that?s why designers shout the battle cry ?design from the floor up!

?Fun: Nothing?s more enjoyable than making your own personal expression of style! They think alike--LVT and The Villages. Mix, match and coordinate to create your own design, and then enjoy the compliments about how creative you are.

?Affordability: Love tile but your wallet says no? This is for you! This is one flooring installation that?s a great budget-friendly solution for anyone and anywhere, whether it?s a house, condo, townhouse or coop, or in a housing development like The Villages.

?Easy maintenance: Let?s face it: When you have so many fun things to do, like golfing, swimming, movies or live theatre, do you really want to spend time on your floor? Just sweep, mop, and for more thorough cleaning, use a manufacturer-approved cleaner.

?Comfort: This community is friendly and low-crime. That?s comfort. So is a flooring that?s generally easier to stand on than other hard surfaces. Some versions also have an under-layer, making it even easier to stand on.

?Durability: It has a top layer that?s clear and super tough. That makes it scratch-resistant. It?s also completely waterproof, and that?s a big worry taken off the shoulders of anyone, especially Floridians.

Feel free to come into the DCO Flooring showroom in Leesburg, FL, to learn more about this amazing product.