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What Are the Two Best Floors for Mobility Device Users?

The Villages is a city whose median age hovers somewhere around 70 years old. Many of the people living here rely upon mobility devices to help them get through the day, but there isn't a whole lot of information about which flooring options are best suited to accommodate those devices.

People who use mobility devices need flooring that is durable enough to stand up to the abuse of wheelchair wheels, or the feet of walkers and canes. The flooring should also transition as smoothly as possible from room to room to avoid tripping hazards, and allow for free movement of wheels. Finally, good floors for mobility device users should be relatively slip free and/or soft, to prevent and minimize the damage from falling accidents. Here are the three types of flooring we highly recommend to people who depend upon mobility aids to get around the house.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

The Villages already loves LVT?for its durability and affordability, but it has an edge over most other flooring materials when it comes to accommodating those who use mobility devices. Luxury vinyl tile can give your home in The Villages the look of just about any flooring material out there, but it is actually a lot more forgiving when it comes to dropped objects and falling accidents. A drop glass is more likely to bounce than break, and the same thing goes for us when we fall down.

Aside from this, it transitions nicely from room to room, is incredibly durable, and easy to maintain. LVT is definitely our top pick for The Villages homes where mobility devices are a concern. As a bonus, luxury vinyl flooring is also one of the most economical flooring options out there!

SmartStrand? Carpeting

Carpeting that features a shorter pile is an excellent choice for homes where mobility devices are a concern, but can also suffer damage from increased wear from wheels and cane or walker feet. This is not the case with SmartStrand? Carpeting. This carpeting is strong enough to hold up to the crushing weight of a rhino for weeks on end, springing back to like-new when cleaned.

Properly installed SmartStrand carpeting transitions well between rooms, is the most durable on the market, and is softer than anything else. Honestly, it was hard to decide whether this should be our top pick over luxury vinyl tile for homes in The Villages that rely upon mobility devices. It's probably more like a tie.

Are you interested in SmartStrand Carpeting or Luxury Vinyl Tile for Your Home in The Villages, FL?

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