Transition strips for hardwood to luxury vinyl tile flooring

Transition strips for hardwood to luxury vinyl tile flooring

Transition strips improve your home's design by covering flooring seams visually appealingly, making your home safer, too. The strips also cover the small gap that is needed between hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring since both materials expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature and humidity level.

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In addition to joining two different flooring materials, a transition strip can accommodate a height change between two rooms with the same type of floor. The strips are found in sizes ranging from two to five inches wide and are shaped to suit floors of different heights.

4-in-1 transition strip

The interchangeable parts found in a 4-in-1 transition strip include a hard surface reducer used to transition from thinner LVT flooring to thicker hard flooring like hardwood. The adjustable parts guarantee that the strip will work with any application.


Transition strips are made of budget-friendly materials like aluminum and vinyl, but a strip made of wood is more durable. Often, wood transition strips are unfinished, so they can be stained or painted in a color that blends well with hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring.

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