Redoing your home in The Villages? Find out the basic differences between luxury vinyl tile, plank, and sheet!

Redoing your home in The Villages? Find out the basic differences between luxury vinyl tile, plank, and sheet!

If you?re looking into luxury vinyl flooring in The Villages for your upcoming renovation, then you?re likely wondering what the main difference is between tile (LVT), plank (LVP), and sheet. While these three options are all manufactured to keep up with today's busiest families, you may not know which material would be best for your home. Each type of surfacing has unique characteristics, so it's truly essential to understand which features would ideally suit your lifestyle. No matter which one you choose, they're all equally attractive, simple to maintain, and durable. As such, let's go over the basic differences of each of these hard surfacing types.

Which flooring installation should I get in The Villages?

? Searching for a flawless replica of ceramic, porcelain or stone? Without a doubt, getting LVT in The Villages for your home won't let you down! It's a product that both looks and feels like the real deal, with textures and natural coloration that are truly impressive. There are even some types that are meant to be installed with grout. Talk about realistic!

? Prefer the appearance of wood instead? Then look no further than this sophisticated, stunning option. These planks come in a wide variety of looks, from elegant and classic to modern and chic. Have you considered adding a brick lookalike to your living room? What about a grainy, wood-scraped style? Whether you want a dramatic touch or a calming effect, planks may be your perfect addition.

? Here?s an alternative that?s nothing like your grandmother?s old kitchen flooring! Nowadays, vinyl sheet comes in some fantastic replica choices, like stone, wood and tile lookalike. Manufactured in large sheet sections, these trendy designs are created with fiberglass-cushion backing, meant to be glued directly onto the subfloor.

The common qualities of vinyl surfacing materials

  • Ideal for any kind of room, even places that experience some humidity or moisture.
  • Premium quality options provide a high-performance surfacing alternative.
  • Comforting and warm underfoot with flexible properties.
  • Durable and resilient.
  • Attractive, modern selections in a wide range of looks and styles.

Where can I find luxury vinyl tile in The Villages?

Come on down to our DCO Flooring in Leesburg, FL to check out our vast assortment of high-quality materials. Bring your flooring questions and our on-site professionals will be more than happy to answer them!