Luxury vinyl flooring from DCO Flooring in Leesburg, FL

Luxury vinyl and four-legged family members

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes those family members have four legs and not two. So, is luxury vinyl flooring suitable if you have pets? The short answer is: ?Yes!?

The big three

There are three things that pet-owners want to know about their floors and their pets. The first question has to do with scratching and scuffing while the second question has to do with spills and messes. The third question has to do with dander. In all three of these cases, luxury vinyl flooring fits the bill.

Whether you are considering LVT or LVP flooring, all materials have a wear layer specifically designed to prevent or minimize the effect of scratches. Whether your pet likes to scamper about the house or has a tendency to paw at the door, luxury vinyl is designed to take the abuse in stride. Even when scratches happen, most of them blend into the texture of the floor itself.

Are you concerned about spills or accidents? What you have here is a truly waterproof floor. Luxury vinyl flooring will not stain, fade, warp, swell, or break down due to the presence of moisture, and it does not let the moisture pass through it, which might ruin your subfloor. Plus, cleanup is effortless: a broom or a mop and your floors are as good as new.

How about dander? Vinyl is a smooth surface that does not allow dander to be trapped inside of it. So, if one of your two-legged family members has allergies to one of your four-legged family members, these floors are easy to keep dander-free and thus allergen-free. A broom or a mop is all you need to do to minimize any possible allergic reaction.

An added benefit

When it comes to luxury vinyl tile options, LVT is much softer to stand upon and walk upon than other forms of tile. That makes it a little more comfortable for all members of the family alike. The underlayment is also designed to cut down on the sound of little feet on this hard floor.

At DCO Flooring, we carry a wide range of options in luxury vinyl flooring. Whether you live in Leesburg, just down the street from our showroom, or you live in The Villages, Tavares, or Lady Lakes, FL, we are ready to serve you. Give us a call or stop by and let us show you around. We think you will like all the pet friendly luxury tile flooring options, and your pets will thank you.