Luxury vinyl tile flooring from DCO Flooring in Leesburg, FL

Latest Flooring trends for luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl flooring? (LVF) follows all of the trends, so whether you want a wood look, metallic, or a texture like hand-scraped or wire-brushed, it's all possible with luxury vinyl tile (LVT).?? LVF is known for natural colors and surface textures that feel like natural materials, giving you beauty, combined with high function, such as waterproof capabilities, durability, easy-care maintenance. Oh, and did we mention it?s also very budget-friendly??

First things first:? Get to know the affordable style

LVF is an amazingly realistic mimic of wood, tile, and stone, available in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and designs.? Images are taken with 3D photography so they are bright and vivid, displaying bold colors and patterns, veining variations and species features such as knots and swirls.

A terrific design option is that LVF can be cut into groutable, square tile-sized pieces (LVT), or planks (LVP).? Many feel the extra seams add to the realism, and some even take it further by using grout. Embossing adds depth and dimension with textured appearances and it?s available in matte, gloss, and high gloss finishes.

The image is protected by the top clear melamine wear layer. The sheet protects the floor from scratches, scuffs keeps spills and keeps spills at the top, just waiting to be wiped off. The wear layer makes it impossible to "walk-off" the image layer.

Answering another trend

That?s the trend for needing more time. Today?s households are busy, and we don?t want to use what little we have to scrub the floor.? LVF just requires daily sweeping and periodic deeper cleaning with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Waxy, shine promoting ones should be avoided, as they damage the finish and dull the floor.

Installation is an uncomplicated and fast floating floor, which is a technique, not a product.? The floating floor pieces click together, forming a mat, which hovers over the subfloor with no glue or nails needed.? Subfloors must be clean, dry, and level. Sometimes the installer will need to sand it, so imperfections don?t telegraph to the surface.

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