luxury vinyl flooring

Is LVT easy to clean?

As it is hard-wearing and extremely water-resistant, luxury vinyl tile in The Villages, FL, is unbelievably easy to clean, maintain, and keep looking sparkling new. At our DCO Flooring showroom in Leesburg, FL, our on-site experts have come up with the following advice to help you understand the basic steps to caring for your flooring installation in The Villages. Furthermore, they?re also providing some tips on how to prevent your LVT from getting damaged.

How to maintain luxury vinyl flooring in The Villages
Did you know that the stunning LVT in your The Villages home is also tough and shockingly water resistant? What?s more, with such durable, resistant materials, that also means there?s not much complicated upkeep required to keep your floors looking perfect for the next several years.
When you do need to clean excessive or loose dirt from the tiles, it?s essential to use a soft-bristled broom, so as to avoid potential damage to the surface. Also, when washing the flooring, only use a microfiber mop that is slightly damp, with a cleaning agent that is mild and non-abrasive.
While your surfacing was designed with a busy household in mind, capable of resisting high degrees of heat, sun, and water, you should take care to provide regular upkeep to further extend its lifespan.

How can I prevent damage to my floors?
?Clean up any liquid spills right away.
?Use a specially designed, LVT designated cleaning product that is non-abrasive.
?Always avoid pushing, pulling, or dragging heavy furniture across a room. Rather, it?s important to lift the items instead, carrying them to their new location.
?Floor protectors are a good product to use for heavy objects items that are hardly ever moved, such as furniture and appliances.
?Avoid using the beater bar on your vacuum when cleaning the house.

Invest in extra protection
High-quality mats are a great investment to protect your floors. Place the extra protection at every entrance to your house. In doing so, you avoid getting dirt, grit, sand and oil tracked into your home, and spread all over your floors, potentially damaging them beyond repair.