luxury vinyl tile

Is luxury vinyl tile for me?

What?s all the fuss about? That?s what residents of The Villages are asking about luxury vinyl tile.

Suddenly, it seems like more and more homeowners are seeking it out, and DCO Flooring in Leesburg, FL is going to explain why everyone wants vinyl.

1. Thanks to modern technology, residents of The Villages, FL are able to get luxury vinyl tile that looks remarkably similar to ceramic tile, with all the colors, patterns and textures. It?s even groutable!
2. Residents of The Villages, FL should know that luxury vinyl tile might look like ceramic tile, but it?s a lot softer and warmer to the touch than tile. That?s a pretty big perk, especially when you have to take your shower in the early morning hours of those cool months. Plus, tile can get pretty slippery when wet; of course no one wants to fall, but isn?t it nice to know that if you do fall, it won?t be on a hard surface?
3. Luxury vinyl tile is durable, residents of The Villages in FL: Yes, ceramic is pretty scratch-proof, but have you ever dropped a pan on it? Ceramic cracked, right? Now drop a pan on this. It?s pretty difficult to crack it, but if you do, it?s really easy to replace that tile.
4. Installation of LVT is easy and fast, residents of The Villages, FL In fact, it makes a great do-it-yourself project, as opposed to hardwood or tile, where you absolutely have to spring for a professional installation. No glue, no sanding, just measure, cut and lay it over the existing floor. No worries about things like uneven subfloors. If you get that surprise phone call from someone announcing that he or she will be arriving in two days for a visit, you?ll be able to get the room spruced up with vinyl flooring in time, while tile will probably still be drying.
5. Vinyl is budget-friendly. It can cost about ? the price of ceramic tile but buyers beware: Don?t go for the cheapest, bargain basement price, because if the price is cut, most definitely the quality will be as well.

Come into the DCO Flooring showroom in Leesburg, FL so our experts can show you how well vinyl will work for you.