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Can luxury vinyl tile flooring look authentically natural?

Many homeowners make luxury vinyl tile their number one flooring choice because it offers a refined look and versatility perfect for virtually every application. In addition, tile designs are abundant, so color, shape, and size easily match your needs or preferences.

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What is luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring
has three layers that 'complement' the image layer. Most importantly, the transparent wear layer protects the image layer from stains and abrasion, and if this surface layer is thick, your new tile floor will last 25 years or more.

The backing layer supports the tile and protects the waterproof core, which can be exposed to standing water without sustaining damage.

Does luxury vinyl tile look authentic?

The photo-realistic image seen on tile look flooring is designed to resemble the stone, ceramic, and wood flooring it imitates. Tile that is textured with embossing techniques captures this authentic look best.

To get the most natural-looking luxury vinyl flooring, choose a textured brand that feels as well as looks like the 'real thing.'

Why should I choose textured tile?

There are two primary reasons to choose a textured luxury vinyl tile rather than a smooth tile for your flooring upgrade. First, a textured tile floor is visually appealing and thus, dramatically enhances your chosen decorating theme.

Second, this type of floor hides scratches and scuffs, which keeps it looking better for a more extended period.

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