luxury vinyl flooring

A perfect flooring installation option for residents of The Villages

At DCO Flooring, our marketing vision is the same for The Villages. That?s because when the community was developed about 30 years ago, it became the most fun, affordable and active adult community in the state.

And that?s exactly why luxury vinyl tile is the right flooring for you at The Villages.

Vision #1, Fun: It closely mimics natural stone (slate, travertine, marble, etc.), or even wood (teak, maple, oak, walnut, and pine), by having a surface layer with a very realistic photo-created image. It is usually combined with textures that add to the resemblance.

With so many stylish design options, our LVT is fun, The Villages. Create your own unique look with an assortment of vinyl tiles in a wide selection of patterns and colors.

Designing can be customized to a space by how the floor is laid out, by mixing and matching colors, or creating patterns, and it doesn?t end with flooring, because many collections are well-suited for wall applications. That means you can continue themes, or coordinate complementary designs, to bring warmth or brightness to the entire room.

The fact that it?s durable, waterproof and so easy to care for also makes it fun, because you can spend that much more time on the golf course, at the pool, shopping or just doing whatever it is that you love doing.

If properly installed and maintained, this material can last upwards of ten to twenty years,. The tiles are always identical, with colors permeating every layer, which makes them more resistant to damage from scratches. It is also 100 percent impervious to water. One advantage of using vinyl tiles, is that individual pieces can be easily replaced when they are damaged.

A clear wear layer acts as a surface barrier, protecting the floor from stains and spills. (NOTE: Solid tiles don?t have this wear layer.) Just sweep or clean with a damp mop and manufacturer-approved soap. Avoid waxy shine-promoting cleaners.

Vision #2, Affordable: You can get the look of natural materials, but without any of the sticker shock that comes with natural stone or wood.

Come into the DCO Flooring showroom in Leesburg, FL and let our experts show you how to create the atmosphere of your dreams with luxury vinyl flooring at The Villages.