luxury vinyl tile the villages

Why Choose LVT for a Home Redesign?

There are many pertinent reasons why you may want to consider luxury vinyl tile in The Villages, FL for a redesign or renovation. But, if you're stumped about what surfacing material would work best in your living room, basement or bedroom, DCO Flooring's Leesburg, FL showroom pros have come up with this concise, helpful guide on why you may want to opt for this unique, technologically advanced material. To find out more, read on!

Choose it Because... It's Beautiful!

Over the past few years, LVT has come a long way from its original design. Aesthetically-speaking, it can mimic pretty much any look you'd like to have, from hardwood to ceramic to slate. As well, you're able to select from several different finishes, be it a hand-scraped texture like hardwood, or smooth and glossy like porcelain. When it comes to LVT, The Villages residents will have trouble choosing which look to bring home!

Pick it Because... It's Easy to Install!

When it comes to flooring installation in The Villages, homeowners don't want the hassle of moving out for weeks at a time, just for the sake of getting a new bedroom remodel. If you were to compare your hardwood renovation to one of luxury vinyl flooring, The Villages residents most certainly wouldn't opt for the latter, as we're contrasting a renovation that takes weeks versus one that requires mere hours.?

Select it Because... It's Unbelievably Strong!

Need a surfacing material that withstands kids, pets and anything else that life can throw at it? Between everyday living, dog claws and kiddie tantrums, your surfacing may see a whole lot of chaos. Luckily, with this type of material, you won't have to worry about damage, as it's genuinely durable.

Opt for it Because... It's Affordable!

Affordable, budget-friendly, cost-efficient, no matter how you say it, you'll be saving a pretty chunk of change when you opt for this surfacing material. Not only will you be saving money in materials, but you'll also do so with installation as well. While wood is typically three times more expensive and requires several weeks to install, LVT will cost you a third of the amount in materials, and a handful of hours to install. Now, which one sounds more appealing to you?