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Looking for 2018 trends in luxury vinyl tile?

If you're on the prowl for high-quality renovation materials, you'll undoubtedly want to drop by the DCO Flooring showroom in Leesburg, FL, for our latest 2018 trends in luxury vinyl tile. The Villages, FL depends upon our on-site pros for honest, knowledgeable advice, and we aim to inform every homeowner out there that's looking for premium surfacing materials. Without further ado, let's talk about the newest looks, patterns, and textures on the market.

High-Tech Means Super Realistic
Nowadays, thanks to incredibly advanced technology in the industry, this remarkable surfacing material looks striking from any angle. If you're wondering how that's even possible, the secret comes down to photo-realistic texture. Basically, tiles and planks can take on pretty much any appearance, which goes a long way when you're using texture, to add character and authenticity to a specific style. What does all of this mean? In the end, you can have the look you want, be it a dark ebony hardwood, or a fine, pale beechwood, and that's because the photo-finish texture flawlessly mimics its original counterpart.

Premium Embossing Creates One-of-a-Kind Luxury
What's so special about our LVP and LVT? In our showroom, you won't be able to tell the materials apart, believe it or not. With light texturing and premium embossing, the overall appearance is truly exceptional, radiating warmth and realism throughout each and every plank and tile. In essence, the combination of texturing and embossing adds the impression of wire-brushing, an amazing technique that even tricks a seasoned flooring pro! And so, you get a surfacing material that shows some true character, no matter which "species" you choose, with authentic, elegant grain patterns. With some planks and tiles, the heavier embossing techniques can even replicate that chic, hand-scraped look that homeowners are opting for in 2018.

Clarity of Color and Design Combined With Vivid Texture
When we speak about luxury vinyl tile in The Villages, FL, we're really referring to the unique visual appeal that comes with clarity of color and design. In this area, many homeowners have taken a liking to stone styles, like granite and marble. Well, with these latest 2018 trends in luxury vinyl tile, The Villages, FL folks can enjoy the high-quality detailing that comes with the smooth stone appearance. Light-embossing techniques allow for delicate stone veining, while medium to heavy methods simulate the shape of heavily textured or roughly hewn stone.