luxury vinyl flooring

Four reasons why LVT is becoming a fast favorite!

At the moment, when it comes to flooring installation in The Villages, LVT is quickly becoming a fast favorite. Let?s go over why this seems to be happening and, in doing so, help you figure out if this type of hard flooring would suit your upcoming home makeover.
1 ? Style and appearance
Firstly, luxury vinyl tile in The Villages is available is a wide range of style choices and appearance options. Currently, wood-style lookalike is highly in demand. Even up-close, the planks look very much like the original material. But, aside from looking just like natural materials, you can also get LVT in The Villages in various abstract patterns and unique designs, making it an incredibly versatile flooring installation.
2 ? Durability
Come into our DCO Flooring showroom in Leesburg, FL, and see for yourself just how truly durable these planks are. That?s because they?re manufactured with several hard-wearing layers, ultimately creating a very tough hard plank. With built-in protective layers and surface coatings, your luxury vinyl flooring in The Villages is less likely to get scratched or scuffed during everyday life.
3 ? Upkeep simplicity
Because of its durability, this also means LVT is easier to maintain and clean compared to some other kinds of hard slats. If you?re in search of something that won?t take up too much of your spare time, this material is great, as it simply requires a quick and occasional sweeping and damp mopping.
4 ? Soundproofing
Whether you?d like to create a quiet environment for your child, or limit noise coming into your home office, this option has excellent soundproofing capabilities. As well, these planks are known to be quieter underfoot, with lower reverberation rates, compared to many other hard plank alternatives.
Still not convinced that luxury vinyl tile in The Villages, FL is right for you? Then, drop by our DCO Flooring and chat with our on-site flooring professionals today for more advice.