Leesburg carpet

Choosing carpet for your home

Carpet makes an excellent floor covering in just about any home, with only a few exceptions. For instance, it?s perfect for homes with small children or elderly people. It?s a great way to warm up any room. And thanks to improvements in the manufacturing procedures, many of things that made homeowners avoid this flooring are no longer an issue.

DCO Flooring knows a thing or two about carpet, and we?ve heard all the reasons for and against it. It?s likely you have some questions about this material, and we?ll be happy to answer all of them. We invite you to visit our showroom, in Leesburg, FL, where our flooring professionals will be standing by to assist you. We service the Leesburg and surrounding areas, and we?d love to help you as well.

Carpet Benefits You Should Know About

Years ago, homeowners were often advised to avoid carpet if at all possible. The main two reasons for this advice were that the material was easy to stain, and that it was a nightmare for allergy sufferers. Well, those are two problems that aren?t exactly ?problems? anymore.

Of course, there are a few things, such as tar, that simply don?t want to come out of any carpet fiber. But hopefully, this won?t be an issue for your particular home. For those who only expect to experience the normal types of stain factors, such as spilled drinks and footprints, we have good news. Now, many brands are offering stain protection manufactured right into the fiber of the flooring. With the option to add even more stain protection after installation, we think that?s more than even to keep even the toughest stains from setting in.

For allergy sufferers, some brands are also producing carpet with hypoallergenic fibers built right in. This means that even if allergens are caught up in the carpet, they pose no threat to the person that has allergies. This is great news for those who have, in the past, avoided this flooring just because of allergy problems.

We do suggest that you not try to install carpet yourself, or have an amateur carpet installer take the job. This material not only requires a number of specialized tools, but also a certain amount of experience. This is especially the case when add sized or off-square rooms are concerned. Be sure to ask your flooring professional for all the details on carpet installation.