vinyl flooring installation

Can I use luxury vinyl tile in my entryway?

A common question asked by the residents at The Villages in Florida.?Of course! Use this anywhere you?d use genuine tile, and there couldn?t be a more perfect flooring installation for residents in Central FL, specifically at The Villages.

For one, this ultra-durable, waterproof and affordable flooring is so stylish, it can be almost impossible to discern the real from a mimic. It comes in either sheet form or tile-sized pieces (the seams make it even more realistic), and you can get a large assortment of colors, patterns, designs, and styles.

We know you love tile, FL! Mix and match the tile pieces, and create your own luxury and unique design with vinyl, and show them off to your friends at The Villages.

Other reasons why LVT is the preferred flooring material in FL, especially in The Villages

1.It?s durable and waterproof. This is a layered product. The bottom layer is an underlayment and, while all vinyl is softer and more flexible than other hard surfaces, the underlayment provides even more cushioning. So when the family comes to visit, and you?re preparing big meals that make you stand in the kitchen all day, it?ll be a lot more comfortable, not to mention it provides a soft fall if there are young kids who love to run, and often fall.

Then comes the core, which is a tough vinyl composite. Next is the image which, thanks to high definition photography, is clear and accurate.

On top is a clear wear layer that protects the whole thing from scratches and stains. It?s also what keeps it waterproof and impossible to ?walk-off? the image.
2.It?s easy to clean. We know you have better things to do, so you just need to sweep or vacuum (use the soft brush attachment). Every now and then run a mop over it.
3.Easy to install. Fast, quick and DIY-friendly. It installs over most existing floors, either by the glue-down, or the click-and-lock method.
Don?t forget other luxury vinyl flooring, The Villages
If tile isn?t your style, you can also get the luxury of stone or hardwood. This can be cut into planks, and hardwood comes in an assortment of species, colors and finishes. Hmmm, glossy wood floors, anyone?

For more information, come into the DCO Flooring showroom in Leesburg, FL.