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Busting luxury vinyl tile myths in The Villages, FL

A lot of people are talking about luxury vinyl tile here in The Villages and, just like a game of telephone; something has been lost in all the chatter. We field a lot of questions about flooring here at DCO Flooring, and we've noticed the recent rise in LVT's popularity in The Villages has led to some serious misunderstandings about it.

So, we decided to throw together this quick list of the two things that people seem to get wrong about luxury vinyl tile here in The Villages, FL, and how to set them right.

Myth: LVT isn't waterproof

For some reason, many people think LVT isn't waterproof when it most certainly is! We suspect this misunderstanding is related to the fact that a lot of people conflate LVT with engineered hardwood flooring, for some reason.

While it is true that engineered hardwood flooring isn't waterproof, like all wood flooring, LVT doesn't contain a speck of wood in it! For those that know, one of the biggest draws of luxury vinyl flooring for their The Villages home is the fact that high humidity and moisture aren't a problem for it!

Myth: LVT is cheap looking

We fully understand where this one comes from! Back in the day, LVT was pretty darn ugly to look at, and was really only used as a consolation prize for people who couldn't afford better looking flooring, or simply wanted to cut flooring costs without sacrificing flooring longevity. It mainly got used in institutions and businesses for that reason.

These days, however, imaging technology and materials science have advanced to the point that LVT is virtually indistinguishable from the materials it mimics. The days of ugly vinyl are well past us!

DCO Flooring carries luxury vinyl flooring!

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