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6 things you?ll want to know about luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is truly a state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind modern masterpiece. If you?ve looked the other way when passing it in the showroom, then you?ll want to reconsider the snub because of the list of advantages that comes along with luxury vinyl tile floors ? also know as LVT ? is nearly endless. Perfect in a wide variety of spaces, such as mudrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways, let?s go over the top 6 things you?ll want to know about this hard surfacing alternative that may just change your mind.

1 ? LVT is ultra-durable

As it is manufactured with a clear wear layer that makes it ultra-durable, LVT can handle a serious amount of activity. Such a high degree of durability stands up well to wear-and-tear, but it also plays a role in its stain-fighting capabilities.

2 ? LVT is cost-effective

At DCO Flooring, we know all too well that budgets aren?t limitless. While some of the more exotic materials are gorgeous, they?re also way out of price range for a great many people. However, there?s no need to settle for less with LVT, as it offers a wide array of amazing looks ? some of which are lookalike ? that give you both style and durability without breaking the bank.

3 ? LVT can mimic styles

As mentioned before, LVT is manufactured in several lookalike styles, offering you a means to get the look you want at a fraction of the price. Ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, hardwood ? whatever you want, take your pick!

4 ? LVT is low maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, upkeep is a breeze. Occasional sweeping, damp mopping once in a while, and that?s all it takes to take care of LVT.

5 ? LVT is cushy underfoot

Many homeowners are pleasantly surprised with LVT?s soft, cushy underfoot feel. While not as plush as carpeting, it does have that extra shock absorption that makes it more comfortable to stand and walk on.

6 ? LVT is very water-resistant

With its high degree of water resistance, LVT is a great choice for places that experience moisture, humidity or water, such as mudrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

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