What is the best laminate floor for my family?

Choosing the Best Laminate Floors for Families with Children

Parents of active kids know just how much wear and tear their little ones can dish out inside the home. The floors will be played upon, spilled on, chased on and will need to resist scratches, particles and anything from markers and nail polish to sodas and messy food. With its durability, attractive visuals, budget-friendly price points and ease of maintenance, laminate flooring makes a great choice for families with children.

It’s also worth saying that laminate flooring is extremely easy to install and is a good fit for nearly every room in the home. And with all of the great qualities that laminate provides, you can still fine-tune your choices to be even more kid-friendly. Factors such as texture and color are more than just style-makers, they can become style-savers! And how do eco-friendly and Made-In-USA options weigh in? Here’s our take on the best laminate options for families with kiddos:

Step by Step Guide to Renovating with Laminate

Texture & Color of Laminate

Wood-look laminate visuals are more realistic than ever, and in addition to adding major style, they work to keep floors looking fantastic- even with playful kids living on them. In particular, oak and hickory wood looks with bold graining will help hide scratches and dents. Today’s laminates are effectively produced with distressing and hand-scraped surfaces that are not only attractive but ideal for blending in any marks left behind. Hardwood visuals with knots and color variations will go a long way in keeping your laminate floors looking newer for longer.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great choice in combatting childhood allergies since they do not trap dust and other allergens. However, it is important to be mindful of the presence of formaldehyde and other chemicals that can harm indoor air quality, especially around children. Look for manufacturers that create laminate products from recycled materials and use sustainable practices in manufacturing to greatly reduce the overall amount of formaldehyde. Laminates that are CARB Phase 2 compliant for low formaldehyde will be the safest choices to put in a home with kids.

Laminate Made-In-USA

Laminates that are manufactured in the US face much stricter regulations regarding formaldehyde levels than similar products produced overseas. National headlines were made in the last few years when it was discovered that some laminates manufactured in China being sold in the US exceeded almost 20 times above the regulated formaldehyde level. Higher levels of formaldehyde can create higher risk of chronic respiratory irritation and asthma. Definitely look for styles such as Mohawk Laminates that are 100% produced and manufactured in the United States.


Installation doesn’t get much easier than laminate flooring, which is ideal for a home with kids. Since laminate can be installed over many subfloors and is ready for use immediately following, your home and furniture are not displaced for days or even weeks on end. Look for laminate planks that have click-and-lock technology such as UniClic Technology for flawless, adhesive-free installation. And if your kids ever damage a portion of the floor to where it can’t be repaired, you only have to remove the damaged planks and replace them as opposed to an entire floor. Always have extra laminate planks from your installation saved for that very reason!

It’s safe to say that a home with children is ever-changing and evolving as well as exciting and tons of fun.. Choose surfaces for the home that can roll with the punches and adapt to the chaos that comes with kids. Laminate floors are not only a viable solution but a valuable solution across the board!

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