Luxury vinyl in Leesburg, FL  from DCO Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank vs. luxury vinyl tile: the difference?

The only difference is the form. Both are versions of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). They can be cut into plank or tile options, where the material is cut into square pieces to simulate tile or stone. Whether vinyl plank or LVT, there's?the same high-end style, waterproof capabilities, durability, and easy maintenance and installation.

What is luxury vinyl?

It's a newer, more advanced version of standard vinyl with more design options and a thicker material. This is considered a premium product. LVF is an incredibly realistic impression of authentic wood, stone, or tile. The look is so high-end and sophisticated; we see it in every room in the house. Some of those are homes where once only real wood or stone would be considered.

Images are taken with 3D photographs and printed digitally. Embossing gives depth, dimension, and textured features. All LVF follows the industry trends, and you can get LVT in vibrant patterns and colors, industrial-chic looks, encaustic tile appearances, and more.

When it comes to LVT, many feel the additional seams add to the realism, and some go so far as to add grout, now available in a broad color palette, and considered a primary design tool. It can be used to simulate stone, but many use planks for that. The large format and fewer seams give it a more continuous look, like quarried marble, granite, or some other stone.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is durable

Make sure you get true LVT; the vinyl thickness should be at least 8-mm or 9-mm, but you can go higher. Wear layers should be thick and measure at least 20-mils. Sweep regularly so dirt doesn't scratch and damp mop periodically with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Keep in mind that; waxy, shine-promoting products only dull the floor. Uncomplicated installation.?

Installation can be a fast and uncomplicated floating floor, where pieces click together, then hover over the subfloor. To learn more about luxury vinyl tile options, visit the DCO Flooring showroom in Leesburg, FL; we serve customers in Leesburg, The Villages, Tavares, and Lady Lakes.