Is luxury vinyl tile flooring cold to walk on?

Is luxury vinyl tile flooring cold to walk on?

Luxury vinyl tile
is functional, durable, and comfortable to walk and stand on, and it has a classy look that elevates room decor.

The most popular vinyl flooring styles mimic hardwood planks and stone tiles, and ceramic and concrete looks and patterned design styles are available. A large assortment of luxury vinyl flooring can be found at DCO Flooring in Leesburg, FL.


Vinyl tile provides thermal insulation, primarily due to the underlayment, or padding, placed below the flooring.

Rubber underlayment, in particular, offers excellent temperature insulation, so floors are never cold, and it works well at dampening sound and giving LVT flooring a comfy underfoot feel. Other materials include cork, foam, and felt.

R-value rating

Some types of underlayment are rated with an R-value, which indicates how much thermal insulation it provides.

Underlayment with a high R-value keeps floors warm during the winter by preventing heat loss and cool during the summer by keeping hot air out of the home and cool air (from air conditioners) in the house. Most underlayments have an R-value of 2 or 3.

Radiant heat

An energy-efficient radiant heating system, which supplies heat directly to the floor, pairs well with luxury vinyl flooring. Expect manufacturer specifications to be complete on this topic.

Vinyl tiles designed for floating floors rather than glue-down installation are best since there is space for expansion and contraction, which is typical when temperature changes occur.?

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