luxury vinyl tile

Four Fantastic Reasons to Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile for the Villages, FL Homes

Are you considering a flooring installation in The Villages area? If you are, you may be left frazzled by all the options on the market. Nowadays, contrary to just a few short years ago, there is truly a myriad of surfacing materials available, not only in a vast amount of colors, but also in an overwhelming array of features. While some folks may want something that's waterproof, others may insist upon a pet-proof or kid-safe material. How about choosing something that's equal parts cost-effective, stylish, easy to install, and durable? If we've piqued your interest, then read on to learn more about luxury vinyl flooring in The Villages, FL.?

Reason #1 - It?s Beautiful

Aesthetically-speaking, LVT has come a long, long way in the last few years. Specially designed to mimic solid hardwood's appearance and texture, LVT in The Villages is manufactured in various finishes. From smooth and satiny, to matte and heavily grained, these planks are also available in different textured designs like hand scraped or faux antique.?

Reason #2 - It?s Hardcore Durable

"Tough as nails" is a typical expression used to describe this one-of-a-kind surfacing material. Is your household particularly busy with crawling children and running pets? Then, you may be in search of this specific flooring installation in The Villages. Aside from simple, everyday things that wreak havoc on our surfacing, LVT can withstand "real life" with kids, pets, and socializing. The truth is, there?ll be no need to tiptoe around this unique material.?

Reason #3 - It?s Incredibly Simple to Install

Another reason you'll want to opt for this surfacing, is the fact that it's incredibly easy to install. While you may not be a hammer-savvy DIYer, you'll notice a remarkable difference between the time it takes to renovate your home with this material, versus solid hardwood, for instance. In 90 minutes, you'll be able to walk on your new renovation, whereas it would usually take days, if not weeks, to redo your home with wood planks.?

Reason #4 - It?s Cost-Effective

Unless you have a fabled money tree growing in the backyard, you may be on the hunt for a surfacing material that's budget-friendly. Well, get ready to be amazed by the hard-to-believe price tag on this beauty! At approximately 1/3 of the cost of a renovation project that involves hardwood, you're looking at something that's definitely affordable. Think it's too good to be true? Then, drop by our DCO Flooring showroom in Leesburg, FL, and check out our great products.