Luxury vinyl flooring from DCO Flooring in Leesburg, FL

Florida humidity and your floors

People come to Florida for the sunshine and the beaches. We even have some pretty cool amusement parks in our part of the state. If there were two things we could do without it would be palmetto bugs and humidity. Both can take their toll on our permanent residents and snowbirds alike. The lizards help us control the former, but the latter is another story.

And like it or not, humidity can take its toll. It not only affects our comfort on those summer days, but it can also affect our flooring. Or, at least, some kinds of flooring.

So, how does luxury vinyl flooring handle high humidity during our Florida summers?

To begin with, vinyl flooring is a petroleum product (primarily recycled materials!), so it does not have a cellular structure that is prone to absorbing water. In simpler terms, that means that while high heat may soften the floor somewhat, moisture will not cause it to swell. Also, it is not prone to secondary damage that accompanies high humidity, things like mold or mildew. That makes luxury vinyl tile an ideal choice for areas in central Florida like Leesburg, the Villages, Tavares, and Lade Lakes.

We should also note that luxury vinyl does not fade from water and it provides a quite durable flooring for an area with so much sand around. We have an old saying around here that you never quite ever get the sand of our beaches out of your shoes. However true that statement is, we in central Florida are surrounded by sand. That means our floors need to hold up to it as well and vinyl plank flooring does just that.

Of course, when it comes to humidity, the best preventative is a good air conditioner. But if you are curious about learning more about vinyl floors and the benefits that they bring to our high-humidity part of the country, why not stop by our Leesburg showroom. DCO Flooring is locally owned and operated and we are your place for flooring in the Villages, FL and our surrounding areas.