luxury vinyl flooring

Considering Luxury Vinyl Tile for Your The Villages, FL Home?

At our DCO Flooring showroom in Leesburg, FL, we often help homeowners figure out what hard surfacing would be best for an upcoming renovation, or home redesign. And while many folks have heard of hardwood or tile, a great many of them aren?t familiar with another great option: Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). In The Villages, it?s quite common to hear that homeowners want an eye-catching material for a unique design, but they?re also set on affordability. As such, in today?s article, we?ll highlight a few ways why LVF is a great choice.

First and foremost, an LVT flooring installation in The Villages is an amazing way to save a significant amount of money, without having to settle on an inferior material. On the contrary, LVT is a high-quality surfacing, and the fact that it?s incredibly affordable, in many cases, much more so than solid hardwood or ceramic tile, makes it a very popular pick. Nowadays, there is a long list of surfacing materials to chose from, all with a modern twist to satisfy contemporary needs. LVF is no exception. With its low price tag, it?s the perfect alternative for folks looking to save some cash.

Currently, there?s a huge trend towards eco-friendly materials and sustainable lifestyles. More and more people want to decrease their carbon footprint, aware of their impact on the earth. Thanks to technological advancements in the industry, LVF is manufactured in a purely sustainable manner, offering homeowners an eco-friendly flooring option in The Villages.

Stylish Appearance
Besides its cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness, LVT is also so stylish as to regularly appear on the cover of interior design magazines. Don?t think for a second that you?re skimping on style with this hard surfacing, because you?re certainly not! The fantastic thing about LVT is its chameleon-like appearance. Able to smoothly, seamlessly mimic other surfacing materials, LVT gives you the possibility of opting for a specific look on another surfacing option. Call it what you will, modern, chic, but luxury vinyl flooring is truly one of a kind in the surfacing and design world, hands down.